Garden Wizard Raised Bed Hybrid
Garden Wizard Raised Bed Hybrid
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The Garden Wizard RBG (Raised Bed Garden) Hybrid is the world's first retail raised bed and composter designed to be self watering.  This raised bed is made in the USA by Good Ideas and their patented design utilizes the space inside the plastic-molded walls to distribute water throughout the garden at root level.  

Most planter boxes are time consuming to assemble and are made of treated lumber or other industrial products.  Good Ideas solves both of these problems by making the raised bed garden with 4', interlocking, light-weight polyethylene sections.  The PE plastic is strong and made with FDA approved materials.  Connecting the sections is as easy as aligning them and sliding the included pegs through the overlapping areas.  Setup takes 5 minutes compared to hours of hardwork and frustration involved with flimsy wood and metal versions.

The included compost tumbler is a wonderful addition to have as it helps recycle kitchen and yard scraps into compost and is conveniently located at the garden site.  More than that, it will capture excess compost liquid (compost tea) in the base where it mixes with the stored water.  From there the tea is instantly distributed to the bed soil.  Super plant food and compost with minimal effort.

The Garden Wizard Raised Bed Garden Hybrid can be expanded infinitely or you can use the sections to form a rock wall border.  The granite finishes come in 4 different colors for flexible deployment in any locale. 
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