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At MyGardenEssentials - you'll find the essentials needed to have a thriving, healthy garden whether it be your prized flower garden, your family's vegetable garden, even your new fairy garden!


 Rain Barrels  - Choose a rain barrel from our extensive line of both functional and attractive rain barrels. By saving  rain,  your plants won't die anymore from lack of water -  especially during draughts or water  bans.  Plus,  by using rain water captured by your rain barrel, you're not only conserving your household water supply you'll avoid showering your plants with chemical ridden water that could harm your plants.

Compost TumblersOur Compost Tumblers will help provide the rich soil that will make your plants thrive.  We even have a composter and rain barrel combination that can provide compost tea for your plants that is another form of rich nutrients.

•  Raised Garden Bed - This is the most unique raised garden bed configuration because each wall of this bed holds 5 gallons of water.  The bed comes with soaker hoses that attach to the walls and water is released slowly to maintain even moisture.  Plants slowly 'wick up'  the water as their roots need it.   

•  Fairy Garden Accessories - My Garden Essentials has a huge selection of fairies and fairy garden accessories - houses, fences, tables/chairs, patio pads, ponds, benches, scooters and bicycles, and many other outdoor items.   All our items are not  pictured on this website, but are available at our retail store located in the Hartville MarketPlace, Hartville Ohio.  

Be sure to bookmark us because we're constantly updating our site to bring you some of the most unique garden items.  
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Rain Barrels, Composters and other Garden Accessories

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